Oncology and Lymphatic Rehabilitation 

Cancer is on the increase and with the advances in modern medicine, doctors and surgeons are doing a wonderful job but the the secondary complications of survivorship can be difficult to manage. LTC is here to assist with early intervention to prevent complications from arising or worsening. 

Too often oncology patients are not sent for early interventions but we understand that the earlier the intervention and the more systems of the body are treated, the better the outcome and your quality of life. Lymphatic Therapy Centre is situated within the Panorama Centre for Surgical Oncology(PACSO) and works closely with the team of surgeons, oncologists, geneticists, plastics and psychologists. We also offer Western Capes only fluorescent guided mapping service run with Lymph Insight.

021 939 7790 ~ 079 037 5820

Panorama Centre for Surgical Oncology, Panorama Health Care Centre, Hennie Winterbach Road, Panorama, 7500