Complete Decongestive Therapy


A certified lymphoedema therapist will conduct an in depth assessment, and together with you, will plan the best way forward for therapy. 


CDT helps the impaired or damaged lymphatic system to function better and reduces the collection of lymph fluid in the affected limb. 

We make use of modalities such as Manual Lymph Drainage (a gentle massage), compression therapy, nutritional education, prevention and precaution education, skin and nail cares and exercise programmes.


Our therapists are trained in the most recent international protocols available. 



Quality Care

Oncology Rehabilitation

Cancer and its treatment may affect your physical functioning and energy. Some cancers may cause fatigue or peripheral neuropathy (pain, numbness or tingling in the hands or feet), which may affect your ability to participate in your normal activities.


Throughout your treatment, our oncology rehabilitation therapists are available to work with you and your care team to help improve your physical and cognitive functioning, energy level and sense of well-being.


We also provide an educational component to help you understand the physical and psychological benefits of physical restoration, and to help prepare you and your family for continuing the program at home.