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Feeling all the feels...

Updated: May 7, 2019

As Healthcare Practitioners we are mushy kind of people. We were the 15 year olds when asked what we want to do with our lives, we said “change the world” or the most cliche, “help people“. We were told we aren’t going to make any money and we boldly, honorably and naively said, “money doesn’t make the world go around,” while secretly hoping we could sponge off our parents for eternity or held hopes of marrying rich. Well, we will never change who we are because truth be told we still, and always will, bend over backwards for our patients, make treatments as cost effective as possible and go through all of the emotions with our patients.

Lymphatic conditions are expensive, long term and emotional. Finding a ”therapeutic family” is of paramount importance. Professionals who can guide you, walk the road with you and feel what you feel. Unless we have actually had a condition involving our lymphatic systems we will never really know, but we have seen enough people battling it out to know a little something.

When a patient shares a difficult diagnosis; when we know a hug at the end of a treatment session is the last embrace we will get from the patient facing a tough road ahead or when a patient cries out of pure frustration because the dreaded cellulitis has reared it’s ugly head for the fourth time this year... we are crying with you.

We become a part of your family, we grow to love your family; people we might not ever meet. We attend funerals, speak with your families long after you are gone to check in and see they are okay and we feel their pain too.

But we also feel all of the good. We are with you when you cry because you can see your ankle bone for the first time in 10 years, because the dull aching pain that radiates down your arm has disappeared, or because you can finally go shopping in the mall with your grand children without pain in your legs.

You are often amazed at how fast we can heal your wounds, just by a silly foo foo massage. And then we get a bit too passionate about why we are such magical unicorn healers(not really, we are just equipped with some science), and we often give you way too big of an explanation. But again, this is because we feel all of the feels.

We are oozing passion. We live for lymph. And we live to help you.

So welcome to our lymph network. Welcome to our family.


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