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2020: The year of Rona

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Ah, 2020. The year our dreams come true. In January, we were so set to rock 2020. The stars were aligning and were set to shine on us. In November last year, we were invited to join an amazing oncology centre. 2 oncologists, a breast surgeon, plastic surgeon, GP, psychologist and geneticist. All in one corridor, all working together. Set to move in February 2020, we started the year floating on a cloud. Only one hurdle and that was to get out of our current rental agreement, which we had been trying to do since August. But remember, 2020 is our year so it just so happened we managed to pay our last months rental in February- a huge relief to have that behind us.

So looking forward: we had organised an international presenter to deliver 2 oncology rehabilitation courses in May- a first in South Africa. We also signed up to complete an Online oncology rehabilitation certification with a leader in the field. A three month course running from February to May. We placed a lot of effort into an annual conference, attracting international speakers and key role players from around the globe. That was really going to be spectacular. In February, we hosted the first lymphatic mapping clinic in Cape Town, alongside the mapping guru of SA. And we have managed to host a few since. So many firsts, so many ground breaking events happening in 2020. We were very busy, making quite a few big decisions for our practice and our lives. Let’s be honest, we were a bit tired in the first quarter of the year. Loving every minute but a bit tired. And then, all of a sudden, we didn’t have to do any of our projects. No mapping, no conferences, no courses. Except the online course which we needed to keep up with as if the world was normal. Rona(COVID-19) decided we all need to put our tools down and stop. Everyone, everywhere at the same time. Mother Nature had once again shown us who is boss and we had better listen. So we did. The whole world tucked up inside their homes.

11 March, my daughters birthday, will always mark the day that Rona was declared a pandemic. Our country, now a state of disaster, ground to halt. Shutting down the economy and putting many families at risk of financial collapse. We were not spared. Our families had to make changes. 4 months later we are still living the changes. But here comes the part I never expected.....

I never expected to be thanking Rona. She is by no means my friend but a good thank you is due. Rona has forced us to think. To think about what we are doing as a human race- yes but we have also been forced to come back to where we began, see where we have gone and what we should build up again. We had been so busy busying that we weren’t seeing what we had. Since we are only seeing essential patients, we have a bit more time to refine our ideas. To play offense instead of defense. We have had time to think about our programmes, to talk to our colleagues and to spend more time during sessions. Back to basics and it’s really great being back at the beginning but with the experience. It’s an opportunity rarely afforded to us.

We also have more time with family. We have become experts at pizza and pasta dough making, biscuit decorating and cake making. Volcano explosions are a regular occurrence and we now know all the words to the Frozen movies. We have become friends with the horses in the paddocks as we can now visit them regularly. Meetings and sessions are kept exciting by little heads popping in to say hello and it’s always fun when they take your phone and call your patients.

Do you see what Rona has done? She has given us time with our families and created a more integrated work/home world. We can pop downstairs for a family lunch and children are now sitting in the “boardroom” with us. Think of the skills they are learning. They can hear our negotiations, professional tone and the how of what we do. My daughter came to me the other day crying because her phalange had an owie. Phalange?? Where did that come from?

Sure there is a lot of damage Rona has caused but let’s try see the positive too.

Our dreams for 2020 are different now and I’m betting they will turn out even better than we imagined.


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