Lymphatic Therapist/OT

Tamryn Vivian studied at the University of kwaZulu Natal and obtained her undergraduate degree in Occupational Therapy in 2006. 2010 saw her completing a certification in lymphatic therapy through the University of Western Cape in collaboration with the Norton School of Lymphatics, USA. In 2014-2015, Tamryn secured her advanced wound care training through the International Inter-professional Wound Care Course (IIWCC) and in 2017 she completed her Masters degree in Hand and Upper limb therapy.  In 2019, Tamryn was trained in Fluorenence-Guided Manual Lymph Drainage, an advanced form of lymphoedema management. . She is passionate about lower limb ulcers and chronic venous insufficiency and focuses on improving quality of life.

Tamryn now serves as president of the Lymphatic Association of South Africa. 

021 939 7790 ~ 079 037 5820

Panorama Centre for Surgical Oncology, Panorama Health Care Centre, Hennie Winterbach Road, Panorama, 7500