BRAINMAX CPD in motion

This innovative way of offering CPD points allows you to earn CPD points while sitting in a coffee shop, waiting for a patient or while in bed at night. If you have your phone, you can earn some points. It also serves as a networking platform where you can find specialists and discuss patient cases. 

How our network works

The Lymphatic Therapy Centre hosts our own network and anyone is welcome to join free of charge. We will pin new cases every month and facilitate discussions around possible treatments and therapies. One case per month will be created into an article which will also be free to all. From here a questionnaire will be sent out. Those who have paid for CEU's will be invited to answer the questionnaire and their CPD certificates will be sent to them via the Signapps app. 

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We are offering an introductory special of 

6 CEUs for R450 (R75 per CEU)


3 CEUs for R240 (R80 per CEU)

To register with our FREE network or to purchase a bundle click here and follow instructions to download the app:

payment via eft to:


Acc# : 112 667 9925

Branch: 198765

Ref: Bmax+name

021 939 7790 ~ 079 037 5820

Panorama Centre for Surgical Oncology, Panorama Health Care Centre, Hennie Winterbach Road, Panorama, 7500